Subject Re: How to enable logging in JayBird
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> I want to enable logging via log4j
> what parameters I must pass to jaybird driver to enable this feature

Use -DFBLog4j=true option when starting JVM. Also be sure to have the
logging enabled in log4j configuration.

> Actually I am tracing a problem with borlands db components
> every update or insert containing table columnt varchar which length
> is more than 255 characters fail complaining about truncating

If your column is defined as VARCHAR(255) and you are
inserting/updating more than 255 characters, that's exactly the
message you will get.

VARCHAR(255) defines a character column that can contain strings,
length of which is not more than 255 characters, but can be less.

CHAR(255) defines a character column that contains strings, length of
which is exactly 255 characters, shorter strings are padded with
spaces to get specified length.

If you need a string that can grow, use BLOB SUB_TYPE 1, this is
equivalent to MEMO type.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy