Subject Re: Jaybird possible bug (CLASSIC failure with INETD?)
Author Roman Rokytskyy <>
> Most curious. Did any modifications to inetd.conf
> happend when you installed - maybe we forgot part of
> the installation (I manually install IB as I have for
> years over prior versions). Perhaps I installed over a
> SS installation which doesn't require inetd to start
> anything to answer the port.

Usually installer handles this correctly. You should have following
line in your inetd.conf

gds_db stream tcp nowait.30000
root /opt/interbase/bin/gds_inet_server gds_inet_server # InterBase
Database Remote Server

There is one issue with xinetd, and this might be somehow related to
your case. xinetd after closing the socket keeps the service up and
running for some time hoping that there will be reconnect. Also
xinetd has a configurable limit of running services. So, when the
database is not available (in my case incorrect url), my own pool was
trying to establish connection again and again eating all possible
xinetd services. I discovered this by checking xinetd logs. Maybe
xinetd's limits can have some effect in your case too?

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy