Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Test results: JayBird vs Interclient on blob select on Linux and Windows
Author Sergei P. Volin
Hi Rick,

> It looks like they may have isolated the problem with your stuff. It also
> looks like you are using the 64 bit file I/O Firebird on Red Hat and 32
> on the others, so that will slow Red Hat down too.
Why so? I thought that it would be faster with 64 bit file I/O than with 32
It was my intuitive decision to install 64 bit I/O version of FB CS. Well, I
had to deep into this problem before installing it. I'll think over again.

> Firebird (either SS or CS) should run faster for multiple users with Hyper
> Threading turned on because the threads or processes will essentially have
> more cpu's to run on.
This is valuable. I expected that and I'm glad to hear confirmation of it.

> As for Interclient, I don't know of a bug list for it.
Nevermind, it looks like I will be happy with JayBird for a long time since

Thank you, Rick, for your help. I will come back a little bit later -
need to finish project and set everything up on server for my client.
I'd like to discuss some problems related to JVM and Tomcat.
Some of them are really painfull. May be this is not the right place
for these discussions - then I' find the right.

Sergei Volin.