Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Test results: JayBird vs Interclient on blob select on Linux and Windows
Author Sergei P. Volin
> Note, I have defined two constants: SOCKET_REC_BUF_SIZE and
Good, then should I define these constants or they are already defined?
I didn't notice that. Probably, no. Ok, I will do this. May be the best way
will be to make my own version of firebirdsql.jar under LGPL and put these
parameteres into the ApplicationResourse file.
> Also, it would be better if you check out complete driver sources,
> not only
Yeah, I got it when uderstand the meaning of exception in my first attempt.

> then you can run client-java/build.bat or client-java/
Not so easy - build.bat did not compile me cvs. I got error like this:
file:G:/Downloads/RH8.0/FB-SQL/client-java/build.xml:204: srcdir
\jboss-j2ee\src\main" does not exist!

I compiled source tree in JBuilder. Now trying to build all manually.

Sergei Volin.