Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Test results: JayBird vs Interclient on blob select on Linux and Windows
Author Sergei P. Volin
Hi Roman,
> Confirmed.
Good. I'm glad that I've been able to stick your attention to this problem.
I really wish JB to fight it and be on the top again.

>My results on Debian sarge are:
> args[0] = linux
> args[1] = fb
> org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver
> jdbc:firebirdsql:
> time1 = 1774 time2 = 190 time3 = 19094
> time1 = 1797 time2 = 145 time3 = 19165
> I will try to find out the reason. This should be somehow related to
> networking, because this is specific to local connections only.

No Roman, it isn't 'specific to local connections only'. Here it is the
on remote connections:
args[0] = linux
args[1] = fb
time1 = 441 time2 = 90 time3 = 59646
time1 = 561 time2 = 60 time3 = 66175
time1 = 601 time2 = 190 time3 = 135155
My best network transfer speed is about 200Kb/s on ftp. This is complient
to the results.
Unfortunately, I can't reproduce tests with IC now - it gives
API.BadInstallationException to me
what I can hardly correctly interprete cause IC works locally well and 3060
on which interserver works is open to my pc. Is it one of the most IC bugs
By the way the version of IC I use is sooner 2.01 then 2.5 - I was confused
information shown by CommDiag applet. IC is really confused. But still works

Thanks, Sergei Volin.