Subject Re: Test results: JayBird vs Interclient on blob select on Linux and Windows
Author Roman Rokytskyy <>
> Please, find all figures below.
> So, I guess the problem is not with my code beacause it complies
> with JDBC2 and 3 specifications. The problem is with JayBird
> however.

Please post backup of your database (you can upload it to files
section). Or, if you like, create an application that will fill this

> 1. Can JayBird delopers group improve situation? If yes, then when?

No clue. Right now I do not know where I should look for a problem.

> 2. From whom I can expect support on IC2.5 since I'm going to use
> IC2.5 on RH8.0 for a while but met some installation problems.
> On Slackware 8.1 I didn't have such problems. Will I find support on
> borland.public.interbase.interclient? Are there other discussion
> groups on IC?

I think Borland's newsgroup is the main place for such discussions.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy