Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: jdbc connectivity to firebird by servlet through tomcat 4.1
Author Rick Fincher
Hi Sudarshan,

To give all Tomcat webapps and Tomcat classes access to the jars put them
in: C:\calsoft\Tomcat4.1\common\lib

Check out the Tomcat docs. You can put the jars in various other
subdirectories if you want to restrict access to only the server classes or
only the webapps.


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> hi,
> Thanks,That was nice ;i had already stored my .jar files in
> C:\calsoft\Tomcat4.1\common\lib ,but it seemsthat it didn't helped.
> As you said i also tried storing these jar files in
> C:\calsoft\Tomcat4.1\webapps\sudantest\WEB-INF\lib and it worked.
> It means that i will have to keep all .jar files in lib directory of
> every web-app i make.There must be some other way ,i will try to find
> it out,and if you come accross,dotell me.
> for now i got through the connection to database that was very nice
> of you replying very promptly.
> Thanks.
> sudarshan