Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Jaybird and API calls
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Thursday 13 February 2003 16:58, you wrote:


> Does Jaybird allow you to call the FB API directly?

No. Jaybird is a JDBC driver, and conforms to a 'standard', think of it as a
Java version of ODBC or dbExpress.

> The reason
> I ask, is the "FB Manager" project is torn between C ++ plus
> dxWindows or Java.

Well anything that is possible via SQL is possible with Jaybird, so if "FB
Manager" can work with just SQL, Jaybird is a possiblity. If you need to
call the ServicesAPI for instance, things get messy

> Comments would be welcome on the pros
> and cons of using Java as the development environment.


- Binaries will work on all platforms FB does (and more)
- A number of quality, free, IDE's and development tools/utilities


- Runtime (non java user will have a 20MB download)
- GUI's are, lets say, not up to the same standard as 'native ones', they are
less 'snappy' and need more resources (memory). That being said there are
some excellent Java GUI's about (e.g. Jbuilder, Intellij IDEA), but there are
also some really poor ones (e.g. All of Oracles Management stuff)


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