Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Firebird, JDBC and Tomcat
Author Raj Subramani
I am running Firebird with Tomcat 4.0.6 using the JDBC realm with no problem at all (for over 16
months uninterrupted), albeit on Linux.

But I have also run it on Win2k with out problems. Unlike in Linux where the interclient sits in
xinit (and is run as required) on Win2k one need to start the Interclient server (or run it as a
service) (but then we all have our crosses to bear :-P )

Install Firebird and install Interclient as usual. Use the CommDiag.html to test the connection

Then bung in the relevant jar files for jaybird into tomcat's common/lib directory. This means all
your application can use these common jar files to access the DB.

Then you should be away.

Its usually good practise to use a Java Bean within the JSP to process DB data. Main thing to
remember is that only serializable object can be passed through the HttpSession and not object
such as java.sql.Connection.

Finally, I have switched to Jaybird (from Intercleint) and I feel that it is better. If your
connectivity with Interclient (using the above CommDiag.html) works then Jaybird will also work
(its just the db url that will change).


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