Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Windows Firebird and
Author William L. Thomson Jr.

On Tue, 2003-02-11 at 13:12, Art Fore wrote:
> At last, it is working. I reinstalled OOo even though java was enabled
> before, but I did highlight the jre 1.4 this time.

Great I have a feeling that was most of your problem.

> I also added the \\
> in the path statement. Don't understand why you have to use double \\
> though.

It's a programming issue. For example \ is reserved so that you can do
things like tabulation, line returns, and etc.


So if you want an actual \ you must use \\.

Otherwise the next char after the \ is looked at as a special char to
be combined with the \ for the actual use like above.

Like in a string if you need a " you must use \" otherwise the " is
interpreted as a string delimiter and will cause problems during

> Now if I can get it working in Linux.

That should not be to difficult. Basically the same steps, install Java,
JayBird, and then OO.

Now do not use RH 8.0 OO rpms as they have Java support disabled and I
have yet to figure out how to re-enable it. With out having to reinstall
OO from a tarball instead of RPM.

Which I normal would not hesitate to do, however the RPM installs things
in the usual RH places and creates icons and etc in the start menu.

So I am singing up to the OO user mailing list to see if anyone knows
how to re-enable it.

Otherwise I will have to reinstall it from tarball and redo all the gui
links and icons myself. A pain.

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