Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Windows Firebird and
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
Welcome to the Java list, thanks for moving over to this list. This way
we won't upset the others and of course our gracious moderator.

Just for fun, I starting from scratch installed JayBird, then Java,
then OpenOffice. While installing OpenOffice enabled Java support using
my recently installed JRE. All on a Win2k workstation.

I then started OO, added all the JayBird jar files to it's classpath.
Then I configured my datasource, and vola access to my db via OO. No

On Tue, 2003-02-11 at 11:29, Art Fore wrote:
> I have followed the procedure in a howto about connection OOo to
> interbase, but it did not work. Found an email from someone in Spain who
> connect as follows:
> JDBC Driver class: org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver
> URL jdbc:firebirdsql:

That's one way, I think the preferred is still

Windows server

Linux or Unix server

> and make sure yours driver class
> firebirdsql.jar
> firebirdjmx.jar
> mini-concurrent.jar
> jaas.jar
> mini-j2ee.jar
> log4j-core.jar

Looks good, those are all the ones you need.

> is in the classpath under openoffice in options->
> >security

The right place to add them.

> I have tried using my ip address, localhost, using forward slashes and
> back slashes, and several other variations. Still get no connect.


> Java is installed and I can connect to the database using isql.

Under the same security tab is the Java check box checked? You did not
adjust the other security settings did you?

You may want to reinstall OO and make sure it's configured to work with
your JRE.

> Any Ideas or a detailed howto that works for this?

There really is not details as to how to do this. Especially in windows
it's all pretty much straight forward.

How are you setting up your data source. Are you using the correct class

Let me know. Also if you get any errors please press the more button and
get some specifics as to the error you are running into.

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