Subject Re: One PreparedStatment many ResultSet
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> This is constrain of JDBC or JayBird.


JDBC specification says that "A ResultSet object is automatically
closed when the Statement object that generated it is closed,
re-executed, or used to retrieve the next result from a sequence of
multiple results.".

Also Firebird uses single handle for statement and result set and
re-executing the statement will close previous one.

> After tell in conferese
> epsylon.public.interbase?

Did anybody ask this? I could not find any post about this issue.

> P.s. Do I may tell with you in russian? My english is very bad.

Better not in this group. You can contact me privately or post message
to epsylon.public.interbase (better prepend subject with "JayBird: " :))