Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] embeded server under Linux with JayBird
Author Ryan Baldwin

>Does the CVS version of jaybird support FB Embeded under Linux?
>Regards Niki Iv

Firstly I dont think that their is a Super Server archutecture embedded
version(an embeddable version that can accept multiple connections from the
process in which it is embedded) of the database available for linux at the

If we were to assume there was though then the current CVS version of
jaybird should support or be very close to supporting linux. I have built
and run the driver in type 2 mode(which is essentially whats used to access
embedded firebird) from solaris-sparc and windows - but not yet linux.

The main thing would be to get the native code to build under linux. It may
build straight off but if not any modifications required should be minor.

Once this builds it should then be possible to run the tests for the driver
in type2 mode. Once these run then it would be possible to get the driver to
load an embedded version of the database instead of the standard client
library when the appropriate URL is supplied by including the name of the
embedded server shared library in a list which is hard coded in the driver.

If you would like to give any of this a try I can provide some more detailed


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Subject: [Firebird-Java] embeded server under Linux with JayBird

Does the CVS version of jaybird support FB Embeded under Linux?
Regards Niki Iv

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