Subject Re: Streamed Blob
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Thanks Roman. I already did that...I wouldn't have bugged you all
> without doing a few ibphoenix/google searches first. Fwiw, I didn't
> find anything -- I don't think the DDL allows you to create stream
> blob columns.

I remember some talks with Ann H. about segmented blobs. My final
understanding was that segmented blob was something that was created
for some wierd use case in ancient ages and hardly has any use now (at
least in the area of SEGMENT SIZE, which is just a hint for an
application of what segment size it should expect, however it might be
different from what application will really get).

From the point of view of the API they seem to be almost the same: you
create them with the same method, you fill them using isc_put_segment,
you read using isc_get_segment. In case of stream blob you can also
use isc_seek_blob, however it seems that you cannot seek back, only

There's interesting thing about blobs: if you filled blobs with chunks
of 1k, 5k, 3k, 10k bytes, you will read them with the same chunks of
bytes and this seems not to depend on blob type (segmented or stream).
So, I hardly see any difference between segmented and stream blobs,
except that you can seek stream blob (and I do not understandy why
this method is not allowed for segmented blob).