Subject Re: getParameterMetaData
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> My implementation works, but I have a couple questions about
> ResultSetMetaData (as it should have the simular logic, but it is
> different). I really cannot understand logic of this piece of code.

Are there some other "logic" than described below? :)

> 1. sqllen is documented to be max length of buffer in bytes,
> but it actually returns physical database-side buffer size for
> column in its character set.

This is documented.

> 2. sqlsubtype is charset ID for CHAR/VARCHAR column.

Is this documented somewhere? ;)

> But Jaybird code is obviously broken regarding this point as it
> tries to use API as documented, not taking into account its real
> behavior,

Is it surprising? :))

> Roman, what do you think ?

I think that your contributions are very appreciated! :)