Subject Re: Performance Tests Take 2
Author rbair23
I did a little more work, and besides FBDatabaseMetaData there aren't
THAT many references to relname (from XSQLVAR). I haven't checked the
others. So if it makes sense (who knows?), then it may indeed be
feasible to implement these as byte arrays instead of strings. Just a
thought (and not too well thought out yet).


--- In Firebird-Java@y..., "Richard Bair" <richardallenbair@h...> wrote:
> All,
> Ok, I've been profiling the JCA-JDBC driver with JProfiler(tm). I've
> received some very interesting results. I'm going to get right down
to it.
> Methodology will be listed at the end of this message. NOTE: This
is for
> select statements only.
> What I found was that 61% of the *time* was spent in the
> java.lang.String<init>(byte[], int, int) constructor. And the method
> calling this constructor?
> This is because it is filling the XSQLVAR classes String objects.
68% of
> the time was spent in the parseTruncSQLInfo method.
> So good news, and bad news. I'm looking through the code now to
> what kind of dependancies we have on those fields being strings as
> to byte arrays. I bet there will be quite a dependancy there
because the
> Strings are public. I'm not sure if there is a WHOLE lot that can
be done
> here since that data needs to be loaded into memory, and I don't think
> Strings are very heavyweight. Therefore, it might be a moot point.
> However, since 68% of the execution time of a select statement is in
> method, it wouldn't hurt to see if it can be optimized in any way.
> look it over, but since it isn't commented very well the guru's
might want
> to take a look at this.
> Rich
> Methodology:
> First off, the only thing this application is doing is running the
> sql statement against the employee.gdb database:
> "select * from employee where emp_no = 141"
> I then go into this *very* tight loop
> for (int i=0; i<numLoops; i++) {
> rs = s.executeQuery(sql);
> }
> where numLoops is something big like 100000
> So, the profiling that was done is for select statements, and
nothing else.
> Pretty simple.
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