Subject Re: Bugs in the Firebird Java/JDBC Client
Author Blas Rodriguez Somoza

Thank you for your patch.

I make the changes although in the order by for ExportedKey, ImportedKey and CrossReference, I must use the specification key
(FKTABLE_NAME/PKTABLE_NAME,KEY_SEQ), although I agree that the key including the FK_NAME or PK_NAME is the reasonable one.

There is a problem in the sourceforge CVS and I can't commit the changes, as soon as I commit it I'll post a message to the

Blas Rodriguez Somoza

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From: "Stephan Perktold" <stephan.asa@...>
To: "Blas Rodriguez Somoza" <blas@...>
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 11:16 AM
Subject: Re: Bugs in the Firebird Java/JDBC Client

> Hello Blas,
> Thanks for your efforts. The driver meets our needs now. I just had to apply
> some minor patches:
> 1) getTypeInfo: the types CHAR and VARCHAR missed the PRECISION. My patch
> adds the same values as returned by InterClient.
> 2) getIndexInfo: I added the required ORDER BY clause to the statement.
> 3) getExportedKey, getImportedKeys and getCrossReference: the values
> returned for UPDATE_RULE and DELETE_RULE are "RESTRICT" instead of "NO
> ACTION". And also here I added the required ORDER BY clause (for
> multi-key-references).
> I send you the patch file as attachement.
> Best regards
> Stephan