Subject Re: Connections will not close.
Author rrokytskyy

code for close() method:

public synchronized void close() {
if (mc != null) {
mc = null;
code for isClosed() method:

public boolean isClosed() {
return mc == null;

So, I hardly see any possibility that isClosed() returns false after
close() is called except:

a) close() is invoked on one instance and isClosed() on another;
b) there was runtime exception in mc.close(this).

Sorry, maybe I miss something, but from my experience, after calling
close() I am able to physically delete database. This means that
connection is really closed, otherwise Firebird would prevent it.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy

--- In Firebird-Java@y..., "Claus Holst" <claus@b...> wrote:
> Hi,
> After I have closed all my connections, something is still hanging
> java and Firebird.
> I got a hint that something is wrong:
> After connection.close() I have tried to run connection.isClosed(),
and it
> returns false !
> There is no exception thrown.
> I have also tried to check for warnings (connection.getWarnings())
but there
> is none.
> I am not using autoCommit and I am (almost) sure I do not have any
> transactions (how can i check that ?).
> Do any of you have a clue, what would make a connection refuse to
close ?
> Regards,
> /Claus
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