Subject Re: Connection hang on connecting to the database.
Author beijingcafe55129
Thanks for the quick reply.

How do I know if InterServer is running on my machine? I looked at
Windows Task Manager and I don't see a process name interserver.exe. I
tried to use isconfig.exe to start interserver.exe and the Start light
is on and I still don't see the process in Windows Task Manager. Do
you think if there is anything wrong with my Interserver/Interclient
installation? The installation did go very smooth. I am trying to run
Interserver as a service. My login does have Administrator privilege.



--- In Firebird-Java@y..., "rrokytskyy" <rrokytskyy@y...> wrote:
> --- In Firebird-Java@y..., Chuck.Li@l... wrote:
> > I just installed a firebird database and I was able to create
> > database using IBConsole and create tables.
> >
> > When I tried to connect to the database using
> > interbase.interclient.Driver, the connection hang on
> > java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(dbURL, user,
> > password).
> >
> > dbURL is: jdbc:interbase://<machinename or
> > localhost>:3050/C:\jdb\TEST.GDB.
> > I am using Windows 2000 and the database and the java program are
> > actually on the same machine.
> >
> > I wonder what could be wrong with my installation and/or database
> > setup.
> URL should be:
> jdbc:interbase://localhost/c:/jdb/TEST.GDB
> If you use '\' do not forget to escape it, but InterClient is happy
> with '/' even on Windows. Also do not forget to start InterServer on
> the same host with database server. It listens on port 3060. This is
> the standard port for InterClient. Port 3050 belongs to Firebird
> server, not InterClient.
> Best regards,
> Roman Rokytskyy