Subject Re: Getting a reference after insert
Author rrokytskyy
> How about: statement.getGeneratedKeys()? Does the driver support
> this call?
> As I understand it I can do:
> Statement.executeUpdate(sql insert string, String[] columnNames);
> ResultSet rs = Statement.getGeneratedKeys();
> Then get the key from the result set rs.
> The reason I ask is that a lot of calls weren't supported in
> Interclient and there's no documentation that I know of listing which
> are supported in the new driver.

No, this call is not supported and will not be supported until the
Firebird API is changed. Right now I do not know any call that can
provide such information to the driver.

You can also ask this question (but without Java code) in IB-Support
list, most Firebird gurus are there. If I am correct that issue was
discussed before and seems to be in a "requested feature" list.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy