Subject Re: Multithreading problem
Author rrokytskyy

> I have several threads that use the same connection (JDBC) set to
> autocommit. With firebirdsql I run into troubles because the
> transactions run in parallel, so the FBLocalTransaction object
> throws an exception when begin() is called again before commit() or
> rollback().
> The program runs fine with various other jdbc drivers, including
> interclient. From that code I learned, that interclient uses a
> server side auto commit. Is there a chance to do something similar
> with firebirdsql or is there another work around? All the
> transactions only execute select statements, they are really read-
> only.

I also had such problems. Making methods of class
synchronized solved my problems. Since that likely is not the cure
for the problem, but only for the symptoms, it was not committed to
CVS. However since you're experiencing problems right now, I will
commit changes this evening. This should help you. If you cannot
wait, do it yourself in your code base.

We are trying to find the real solution for this bug in our driver.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy