Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] CHAR and VARCHAR
Author Leos Urban
>>Ok. But then there is incompatibility with Interclient based

>I don't know what your application does, but there is a difference between
CHAR(n) and VARCHAR(n) and the Type 4 driver returns the right string.

The problem is not in returning full string (with spaces) but in wrong
length of string (if charset is UNICODE).
For example: I have in DB preferred language ("EN" for English, "DE" for
Germany etc.) When I want to access ResourceBundle, I need "EN" but receive
"EN " and ResourceBundle is not found. In DB is language declared as
CHAR(2) but driver returns more characters.

>I installed FirebirdCS- and Interclient_201_linux-xinetd.tar.gz
in Red Hat 7.3 without recompiling anything.
>Everything works as expected. Check your configuration again.

Difference is only one - I use "Firebird-".