Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: jdbc driver and unicode
> it seems to me that i know where your problem is. you're constructiong
> SQL statements by concatenating strings of the statement with
> parameters and then executing using java.sql.Statement, aren't you?

nope, this is cf not java.

> java.sql.PreparedStatement. parameters are specified with '?', so SQL
> to prepare looks like this:

cf has a cfqueryparam tag that works like that, 2nd thing i tried. however
unicode data is still trashed by either the driver or db. in fact if you
look at the test url's debug output you can see that tag in action.

> ok, if you're using the technique i described above this will not help
> you anyway. if not, i will post an example here.

yes please.

> > the cf page is encoded as utf-8. i'm inserting text like this:
> > INSERT INTO uTest(uText)
> > VALUES(_UNICODE_FSS'#form.uText#')
> i doubt that server can parse this string, you should get SQLException
> here.

no, that works ok. cf just does a pass thru for most sql statements. i can
do some "funny" stuff with sql server & cf because of that feature.

> ok, i do not know yet where the problem you described is. it might be
> in our driver, however, it might be in database server itself. try to

if its any help, if i use ibconsole i can key thai data into unicoded
tables. ibaccess, etc. fails.

> what access to JDBC API you have. i will also make some tests to check
> if bug is related to our driver or database.