Subject Re: simple script to connect Firebird
Author rbair23

> Well... One can argue about URLs, Oracle for example has
> jdbc:oracle:thin:user/passwd@s...:1521:ora_db
> :)

Well, who'd have thought? :-)

> As far a I know, URL format is not specified. When I joined the
> project it was already so, so nobody changed it later. Maybe it was
> easier to parse the string into components... If you wish, you can
> check org.firebirdsql.jgds.GDS_Impl.DBAttachInfo and create a patch
> that will support both schemes. If nobody has anything against it,
> will commit it to the CVS. Personally I do not have anything
> it but I would not invest time into this as well.

That's a good point. The one good reason for supporting both schemes
would be to facilitate movement from interclient to jca/jdbc.
Another alternative would be to detect the "old" form of the URL,
throw an SQLException and show the developer the "new" form. Or,
perhaps better yet, if the URL just plain doesn't parse well, we
could throw the Exception so that if somebody tried to use the Oracle
URL, they'd be told the proper formatting.

Not critical, certainly, but probably something a newbie such as
myself would be capable of doing until I get more familiar with the
whole architecture.