Subject Re: Anyone have a CLEAR example of . . .
Author jarrodhroberson
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> > in the top-secret open source tree in cvs.
> I must admit, you're in a good mood! :)
> BTW, what about moving tests from src/ to test/ directory?
> Have a nice weekend!
> Roman

yeah, that might be a little more intutative.

Also, it thoses tests do not solve the simple problem of having a
simple clear example, they are way obfuscated with lots of static crap
in superclasses and other overly complex indirection, and have all
those dependancies on the JUnit and Log4J, they are _NOT_ _CLEAR_

I am NOT a newbie and I spent plenty of time trying to find the
examples and information, get them, DECIPEHER them, and to get it to
work. As of a couple hours wasted later, no worky. Interclient works
first time out of the box with some clear examples.

I should not be this hard to simple load the driver, get a connection
to a local database and execute a sql statement. All the sql I
executed returned the same _USELESS_ error, one of those "oh shit
something happened" errors that does not tell any useful information.
The SQL Statement was "SELECT PERSON_ID FROM PERSON". Does not get
simpler than that.

Probably just switch the project over to MS SQL Server, they have a
more robust and full feature Type 4 driver ( that is a beta also )
that works first time out of the box no problems.

Good luck guys on the development of this Driver it has a ways to go
for prime time.