Subject Re: FBDatabaseMetaData and underscores
Author llafranc78
I've done two or three tests, and here is the scenario:

a) if tableName contains underscores and it's short enough, no
Exception is thrown and I get the right ResultSet;

b) if tableName contains underscores and it's long enough, the
Exception is thrown;

c) if tableName doesn't contain underscores there is no Exception but
I get an empty ResultSet;

So after escaping the underscores the Exception is gone, but ALL
ResultSets are empty!


> I believe my implementation is spec compliant. It would certainly be
> simpler not to handle wildcards at all. Try escaping them like this:
> column\_name
> or if you a literal string
> "column\\_name"
> Then you shouldn't see the extra spaces or the LIKE used either.
> There are tests for this in jca/
> david jencks
> On 2002.06.05 10:29:02 -0400 llafranc78 wrote: