Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] HowTo: A classic szenario - two reader and two writer
Author Marczisovszky Daniel

The second one will get a ConcurrentModificationException, like in

Best wishes,

Htod> Hi,

Htod> I have an absolutely classical situation:
Htod> - two reader browse a data record
Htod> - (perhaps) both wonts to change the record
Htod> - and at least both write the record back to db.

Htod> At the time, both clients read the data record
Htod> nobody knows if they also want to change that record.

Htod> How do you solve this task correct with FB and Java?
Htod> In ORACLE I would not think about this, because
Htod> the dbms realize that the second writer has a wrong
Htod> "situation" and sends him an exception.

Htod> Regards
Htod> Hans Georg

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