Subject Re: FirebirdSQL source
Author nsydenham
--- In Firebird-Java@y..., "rrokytskyy" <rrokytskyy@y...> wrote:
> > Can this be provided as a tarball for those of us without CVS
> > access?
> Source is available for anonymous CVS. So, I see only two problems
> that might prevent you from getting source:
> - you do not know what is CVS and do not want to learn about it;

I have recently learnt about it to do my own open source development.

> - your network configuration does not allow you to connect on port
> 2401 to outer world.

Bandwidth considerations mean that I have to download large files at
work which goes through a firewall which bans 2401.

> Both cases are not rare and are considered. But it also seems to make
> sense to provide only source of released version. Our first beta does
> not include source (or am I wrong?) and I see no point to create
> tarball for it now. We should create tarball when we release next
> beta.

I would be interested in seeing if there is anything I can do to help
wrt the source but until I get it I'm a bit stymied. Then again, is it
useful to have someone modifying code who hasn't got access to CVS?

> If you need sources right now, send me email, I will create CVS
> snapshot for you.