Subject Re: problems with Class.forName
Author rrokytskyy
> You just have to include the J2EE-jar to your classpath. This
> is a little bit ugly I think, because just for using JDBC 2.0
> there ist no functional need for any classes of J2EE. Perhaps
> there are others having a good explanation.

You do need all jar files that are in the lib/ directory. If you are
using beta version from SF download page, then you need additionally
javax.sql.* classes (JDBC 2.0 optional package from Sun). This
missing library is a known bug and will be fixed with the next beta

javax.resource.* is needed for the core functionality. This driver is
JCA from the very beginning, therefore JCA packages are needed. There
is no way to use driver without JCA.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy