Subject Re: Using FBDatabaseMetadata
Author rrokytskyy
> Ok, let's assume that table patterns null and "" are same as "%". I
> will fix that in main tree probably on Tuesday (currently I have
> some load at work, but Thursday is day off in Germany). I do have
> some other fixes in metadata class. Also I will review and commit
> parameters in JDBC URL on Tuesday.

done. please, update your sources.


- params in URLs
- Connection.getStatement(resultSetType, resultSetConcurrency) is
same as Connection.createStatement();
- DatabaseMetaData: catalogs, schemas, getTables(null, null, null,
- ResultSetMetaData.getCatalogName and ResultSetMetaData.getSchemaName
- Statement.close() makes statement unusable
- PreparedStatement.clearParameters works

not fixed:

- Statement.getResultSet() still is not implemented correctly
- Statement.getUpdateCount() still is not implemented correctly
- SQLException.getSQLState() does not work

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy