Subject Re: getSchemas
Author rrokytskyy
> Since all databases that I know uses JDBC schemas as a synonym of
> users I suppose that Firebird can do the same . I propose to use
> the owners of Tables and Procedures as the schema names (columns
> RDB$OWNER_NAME) as other databases do.

My understanding of schemas is that is two tables with same name and
same columns belong to two different schemas, then data inside are
different. So schema is just a part of the full name in global
database namespace.

But, as I know, Firebird does not support schemas, namespace is flat,
and users are used only for security checks. So, providing schema
names might cause application stop working,
since "schema_name.table_name" is valid identifier in Oracle, but not
in Firebird.

> I send in the mail an implementation of the getSchemas method.

I would suggest to return empty result set. Specs say that getSchemas
() return you schema names available in database. We have none. So we
return empty result set.

> If the schemaPattern is used then some methods will need to be
> modified to take schemaPattern into account. I had make the changes
> and will send it if the proposal is accepted.

I would say that we throw an exception when schema is not null or
empty string.

I tried to find what schema is, but with no success. I would
appreciate if you could point me to resource where "schema" term is
described (same applies to "catalog" term).

Roman Rokytskyy