Subject AW: [Firebird-Java] Re: interbase as demoen..
Author Stefan Groschupf
>First I would like to note, that Firebird is not a webserver, but a
>relational database server. :)

Sorry I lost the on my webserver.. SO may be I know, because I use firebird
as database.

>I assume that you run server on Unix. As far as I know, you do not
>have too many choices: Firebird SuperServer runs as daemon, Firebird
>Classic Server runs as inetd. I might be wrong and there might be
>options how to configure it for both cases. But if I am correct, than
>following document might help you:

OK thank you.

>And one more thing: please do not post such questions to this group.
>This group is about JDBC connectivity to Firebird, not Firebird
>installation and support. Such questions should go to
Sorry, yes again I use firebird with interclient to write a tomcat servlet
application. So may be I'm not absolotly wrong here, :) But I had a long
time problems, and I think it was a problem with interclient. But I think
may be the problems comes from the sever self. But the interclient give me a
connection error.. or hang....
Thanks again..