Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Serious issue or bug with transactions
Author Marczisovszky Daniel
>> Actually, I wanted to help you, but the spec is like a prophet in
>> Delphoi, it's absolutely not clear about it.

r> JDBC 3.0 specs is very clear on this: commit if the autocommit is
r> changed. :( so, we have a bug.

Where is it? I must be blind, I have not found that...

>> Sorry, I have no time to check that. Encodings are important, but
>> they are just a game, if they don't work, I'll change the driver
>> for my needs, but this issue... Hm... It took two days (and a
>> night :( ) to find it out, because this happened very rare and I
>> did not how to reproduce that. It took me almost for a day even to
>> create such a small example code the reproduces this behaviour
>> reliably.

r> I'm really sorry. :(

Not a problem :) That's way we are developers, aren't we?