Subject Re: Incorrect values within SQLDA structure
Author Ken Richard
I found my problem and it was not a driver problem. I had a stored proc
with 20 parameters and I was not filling in one of the fields. The code
worked with interclient - it must initialize all of the parameters for
callable statements to null. The new driver initializes the sqlind to
-1 and the sqldata to null.

You may be able to initialize the sqlind parameter to -1 for
compatibility with interclient. I don't know the spec and cannot
comment on how it should work. It might be better to throw a more
meaningful exception. The case should be pretty easy to detect because
the sqlind is 0 and the sqldata is null and you know the index of the
field that has a problem.

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Subject: RE: [Firebird-Java] Re: Incorrect values within SQLDA structure

I have just experienced this problem in a different way. I have a
CallableStatement that was being called with stmt.setString(n,"") that
was failing with the same exception. I did not set another value for
the field prior to setting the empty string.

I tracked it back in the code to function isSQLDataOK
method. It appears that the sqlind was set to -1 for the blank field
but the sqldata was not null which caused the GDSException to be thrown.

I was not able to recreate the problem with a simple example. I created
a small program that uses 3 fields to try to recreate the error and it
worked fine - even though my stored procedure (over 20 columns) was


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Subject: [Firebird-Java] Re: Incorrect values within SQLDA structure

> I can send you my insert statement and my table definition, if you
> want.

Yes, please. I tried all setXXX methods you described, but it works
fine for me. BTW, what version of database server do you use?

Roman Rokytskyy

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