Subject Re: Interclient
Author rrokytskyy

> I have a terrible problem, I'm some day before project end and I use
> firebird 1.0 and interclient 2.00.01. (As I know the newest
> version) The database and interclient running for a while well, but
> seomtimes the interclient hang and make strange things. Eg. don't
> find a record that's in the database.

"record not found" problem might be simply because of the versioning
nature of the InterBase. Be sure that the transaction that inserted
record is commited, and your transaction isolation level allows you
to see that record.

> Witch Version of interclient is the best for firebird 1.0?
> Are there know problems with interclient on suse linux 7.2 with a
> sun jdk 1.3.1?

well... this is hardly an Interclient support list, rather Firebird
type 4 JDBC driver one (anyway, this is just my personal
observation/opinion, I'm not a list moderator) :).

You should try to post your question into the corresponding Borland
newsgroup borland.public.interbase.interclient, probably you get more
answers there, since Borland people are there.

Roman Rokytskyy