Subject Re: JDBC level
Author rrokytskyy

> Which compliant JDBC level has reached interclient driver???
> Has it some JDBC 2.0 features???

According to the Borland newsgroup InterClient 2.0x is not JDBC 2.0
compliant, InterClient 2.5 - maybe (I have no info on this topic).
Borland continues working on InterClient and claims to have JDBC 2.0
driver soon. It is not known whether it works with Firebird or not,
also it is not clear how do you get the new InterClient (it is the
part of InterBase distribution and is not available for free
download, so you have to talk to Borland on the licensing terms).

> Has it, for example, updateble result set??

InterClient 2.01 (open source version) does not have this feature
(throw new DriverNotCapableException(...)).

> From the firebird site I read "Version 2.01 in maintenance mode,
> all work moved to new Type 4 driver."
> What does it mean??

David Jencks and Alejandro Alberola Arias have started (I have joined
them later) the pure Java type 4 JDBC driver that does not require a
server part running on the same host with database (like
InterServer). This driver is also JCA-compliant and can be easily
used with J2EE application servers. We have already implemented
almost all JDBC 1.0 functionality, JCA functionality. People are
already using it in production environment. JDBC 2.0 is the next step
but I cannot tell you anything about time frame.

We do not work on the InterClient (one of the reasons is that Borland
is not planning to release new versions of InterClient open source).
As I know, we do not plan to develop InterClient further.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy