Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: serious problem with FBResultSet
Author Marczisovszky Daniel
>> Don't you think that instead of caching the blobs rather the
>> transaction handling should be changed?

r> No. Auto-commit, in our opinion, is not very useful mode in database
r> environment. But since this is a specification, we have to support it
r> somehow. But this "somehow" should not be the neither resource
r> inexpensive, not performant.

r> If you use non-autocommit mode, everything is fine.

But if you cache the blobs for *every* row in a ResultSet that would
eat sooo much memory... If transaction for a ResultSet is valid only
while the connection or the statment is valid, and no other queries
were executed against the statement, then blobs will be read only when
the current row is being fetched.

r> BTW, I have found the bug, and I'm fixing it now.

What is your opinion about those solutions I suggested?