Subject Re: Charset
Author rrokytskyy
> Am I right that currently there is no agreement how should it work
> exactly? Just because you're going to add it as a property, but
> Alejandro already implemented with an automatic procedure.

I developed my code to try some ideas I had. We never talked about
this issue before. And therefore I never commited this code to CVS.
But since this topic have been raised, we should discuss it.

> I would like your solution much more. As I mentioned it should work
> really soon, so probably I'll try to implement this feature, if it
> does not take too long, otherwise now I'll use the above code and
> will playing with the source later.

Even this solution makes more sense to java.sql.Driver users, in case
of javax.sql.DataSource you do have to use custom methods. In JCA
case that would be, probably, completely another approach either
using DataSource approach or using the deployment descriptor.