Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Full BLOB support in auto-commit case
Author Luca Lafranchi
Uhm...maybe this helps...

I've imported (it's an operation in my app...) my 96 Mb db first using
interclient and then firebirdsql, and this is what I've noticed looking
at the javaw process in Windows Task Manager:

interclient : memory increases from ~41 Mb to ~51 Mb, but
interserver.exe grows up to ~8 Mb (it started with 700 Kb); time
needed: 8'30"

firebirdsql : memory increases from ~41 Mb to ~52 Mb, and of course
there is no interserver.exe running :); time needed 10'.

The memory increasing is surely due to my app (there is some caching in
there...), not to the drivers. So I could say that firebirdsql is better
than interclient because it doesn't need any interserver process running :)



rrokytskyy wrote:

> Hi,
>>I've just done some export/import operations on my db involving
>>text and images blob data and no exception occurred.
> Did you notice the heap size growing all the time? Is gc collecting
> everything ok?
> Thanks!
> Roman