Subject Re: New code in CVS
Author llafranc78
First of all: MANY THANKS!! This is great work :)

Now some feedback:
a) Type conversion works;
b) Blob reading in autocommit mode works; (GREAT!!!)
c) Blob writing using FBPreparedStatement in autocommit mode still
has the same transaction problem:
java.sql.SQLException: Couldn't create new blob: invalid
transaction handle (expecting explicit transaction start)

Thanks once again


--- In Firebird-Java@y..., "rrokytskyy" <rrokytskyy@y...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have commited the code that does the type conversions in a
> more "structured and easy to extend" way. It also has the support of
> blob in auto-commit case. Some changes were made to
> FBDatabaseMetaData class.
> I would be very grateful for your feedback regarding these changes (I
> remember, somebody had problems with blobs in auto-commit, also
> boolean conversions currently support only "T", "F", "TRUE"
> and "FALSE").
> Note, you have to update the source from CVS.
> Best regards,
> Roman Rokytskyy