Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Interserver chokes on 4 day connection
Author David Warnock

> I have a small java daemon which queries an ibserver through
> interserver/interclient every 30 seconds. (It's a TimerTask.) The
> DbInterface module for the daemon creates the connection once, and
> then keeps it around in a static variable. I don't keep track of the
> number of reuses of the connection, but after approximately 4 days of
> continuous uptime, something in ibserver/interserver/interclient
> chokes on the connection.I have now changed my program to close the
> connection and reopen it every 2 hours. I was still wondering though,
> if this is a known problem and if there is a more graceful workaround
> for it.

We have had similar problems with other jdbc drivers after much shorter
periods of time. We have been using a connection pool which
automatically retires connections after a period of time and replaces
them with fresh ones.

So whilst it would be good if this were not a problem with
Interbase/Firebird it is definately a problem common to a number of drivers.