Subject Re: Problem with FBManagedConnection
Author patcom123
> This seems to be a bug unless i'm misunderstanding how things work?
> It would seem sensible to remove a connection listener whenever a
> connection is closed/error occurred in the while loop in notify?
> But i'm not sure if this would affect other things or there is a
> better place to stick it?

Ahh, didn't mean notify there. Anyway i've changed the
connectionEvent class within the allocateConnection function of the
FBPoolingConnectionManager class to the following

public void connectionClosed(ConnectionEvent event){
//there can only be one Connection handle for this managed
returnManagedConnection(localmc, false);

and the same for connectionErrorOccurred.

What do people think. I tested it on my system and it seems to work
ok, but like i say, i don't fully understand the connection
management stuff and what happens when a connection is released....