Subject Re: Re[4]: [Firebird-Java] Another Issue with JBoss
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Thursday 21 November 2002 17:32, Nickolay Samofatov wrote:


> > In this case, the 'object in use' error happens when JBoss is creating
> > two simple tables (with 2/3 fields each), and a FK between them.

Just to let people know that this issue seems to be fixed in JBoss 3.2.0beta2
as long as I set the connection pool to have a Max of 1 connection, 2 or more
connections and it fails as before. The other issue with the
firebird-service.xml being loaded before firebirdsql.rar has also been fixed.

Now to work out how to automatically use generators with PK when using CMP


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