Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] JBoss CVS dependency
Author David Beutel
I'm not too familiar with the build.xml, but my
impression from yesterday was that it looks for the
JBoss source files and tries to check them out of CVS
if they're not there. (If the source is already there
then maybe the jar file is there too and doesn't get

The build already has about 10 jars (4MB) checked into
it. (That's good!) Why not just check in the
jboss-j2ee.jar too? It's only 55KB. Is it a JBoss
license problem? I am not a lawyer, but JBoss is
LGPL, and I don't see any difference between
redistributing JBoss's jboss-j2ee.jar as-is and
redistributing a jboss-j2ee.jar that is rebuilt from
source. What difference to LGPL does it make where
jboss-j2ee.jar gets built, unless it's the end-user
who is building it?


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