Subject Re: What open issues do you have?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> > Can you describe your usage scenarios? Do you use DataSource
> > implementation? Do you use JCA implementation?
> I use pure JDBC with Jaybird. No JCA, no DataSource.

Do you set transaction isolation after getting a connection? If no,
you can provide any TPB you like as connection parameters using the
same approach as DPB:


(parameter name is TPB param without "isc_tpb_" and value can be
anything you like).

However I haven't tried it, you might need to check if these
parameters are correctly processed in
org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBConnectionHelper.getTpb(Properties) method. It
is also possible to use the same idea to provide mapping via
connection URL.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy