Subject Re: Problems with latest update - please help
Author jwcanada
Thank you, Blas.

It seems that everything is working now. One thing is that after
running test suite showing:

[junit] Tests run: 4, Failures: 2, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 19.248 sec
[junit] TEST org.firebirdsql.jca.TestPoolingConnectionManager FAILED
[junit] Running org.firebirdsql.jdbc.TestFBBlobAutocommit


--- In Firebird-Java@y..., "Blas Rodriguez Somoza" <blas@p...> wrote:
> Hello
> There is bug in getString & getObject in Timestamp field that
returns array of bytes instead java.sql.Timestamp. I've commited a
> patch that solves this bug.
> About the second error I don't if it is related with the first one.
> Please, can you test now to see if the second bug is related
with the first one?.
> Regards
> Blas Rodriguez Somoza