Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] jaybird problem
Author Sachin Walia
I see a lot of whitespaces in ur classpath.. remove any whitespace in ur classpath..
reset it as follows..
SET CLASSPATH=G:\fbjdbc\lib\mini-j2ee.jar;G:\fbjdbc\lib\mini-concurrent.jar;G:\fbjdbc\jaas.jar;G:\fbjdbc\lib\log4j-core.jar;G:\fbjdbc\firebirdsql.jar;G:\fbjdbc\firebirdjmx.jar;D:\j2sdk1.4.0
hope it helps..

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Subject: [Firebird-Java] jaybird problem


I am still having problem with the jaybird jdbc driver. this is my

I am using a windows NT 4.0  and J2sdk1.4.0

this is my classpath:-

CLASSPATH=G:\fbjdbc\lib\mini-j2ee.jar; G:\fbjdbc\lib\mini-
concurrent.jar; G:\fbjdbc\jaas.jar;  G:\fbjdbc\lib\log4j-core.jar; 
G:\fbjdbc\firebirdsql.jar; G:\fbjdbc\firebirdjmx.jar; D:\j2sdk1.4.0
\bin; D:\j2sdk1.4.0\lib; D:\j2sdk1.4.0\jre\lib;

I called my program with the following:-
F:\practice>java  TstFb

and get the following error:-
Couldn't locate the driver class: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

can anyone help me find the problem please.

this is my program listing - pls note that it is not that garbled in
my editor :-

import java.sql.*;

public class TstFb
     public static void main(String args[])
         String lname = null;
         String fname = null;
         Connection con;
          Statement sment;
          ResultSet rs;

                con = DriverManager.getConnection
("jdbc:firebirdsql://localhost/3050:Ibaccess.gdb", "SYSDBA",
                String sql = "SELECT lname, fname FROM customer WHERE
custno = 3";

                sment = con.createStatement();

                rs = sment.executeQuery(sql);

                if ( )
                { lname = rs.getString("lname");
                   fname = rs.getString("fname");


            catch ( ClassNotFoundException cnfe )
                System.err.println("Couldn't locate the driver
class: "+cnfe);
             catch ( SQLException se )
                 System.err.println("Exception creating the database
connection: "+se);


      } // main
  } // CLASS

this is the structure of my directory where I have jaybird files:-

Directory of G:\fbjdbc

06/08/02  09:44p        <DIR>          .
06/08/02  09:44p        <DIR>          ..
09/22/02  10:25p                73,089 firebirdjmx.jar
09/22/02  10:25p                94,126 firebirdsql-test.jar
09/22/02  10:25p               229,301 firebirdsql.jar
09/22/02  10:25p               215,721 firebirdsql.rar
06/08/02  09:44p        <DIR>          lib
09/11/02  11:42p                98,743 release_notes.html

Directory of G:\fbjdbc\lib

06/08/02  09:44p        <DIR>          .
06/08/02  09:44p        <DIR>          ..
05/09/01  10:30a               104,195 jaas.jar
02/02/02  01:45p                66,624 log4j-core.jar
09/22/02  10:25p                 6,473 mini-concurrent.jar
09/22/02  10:25p                31,186 mini-j2ee.jar

thanks in advance for your help

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