Subject Re: [IB-Java] Firebirdsql and Jboss Connection pooling, how to use it?
Author David Jencks
On 2002.01.10 15:30:25 -0500 jwcanada wrote:
> David,
> I know that you have tested the new JDBC4 driver using Jboss. I am
> new on Jboss. Based on your document, I seems that I get Firebird
> configured right.
> The question is how to use it in a servlet or JSP?
> I would apprecicate it very much for a sample code?
> jw

My tests on jboss have not gone beyond running the jboss testsuite, where
many tests pass and quite a few fail.

I have never tried to do db access from a servlet, and don't think it is a
good idea architecturally.

If you tell me what setup you are thinking of I will try to give you
advice, although I probably won't be able to test it.

e.g. servlet engine, whether you are running it integrated with jboss, and
if not what jndi provider.

david jencks