Subject Re: [IB-Java] Time for an alpha for the all java jca-jdbc driver?
Author William Surowiec

Dynamite job. I've been using Interclient for the last several months
and just switched to your driver about a week ago. What a delight. I
hope to learn more and maybe be of some help.

Anyway, I've run into some anomalies with Timestamps. Some of it may be
my fault (trying to convert a gregoriancalendar into a sql.Timestamp
with only the date (mm/dd/yyyy) value). I've not had trouble with the
driver writing it, but IBConsole chokes on reading it back (data
conversion problem, stops displaying on previous row, won't continue.)
I've not yet tried reading it back in using your driver.

Also I get a "printed" message when I have fields in a prepared
statement (insert into tablea (a, b, c) values (?, ? ?)) and I do not
provide values for all of the fields (some can be null in the database).
This prepared statement has a clear parameters before a java loop
construct and then in the loop it fills in data from an array and
executes an executeUpdate statement - the first time in the loop I get
the 'error" message about null values, then no error message.

I'm in the middle of rebuilding the database, I will send a "better"
indication of the exact message when I get the database back.

In my opinion, definitely alpha, probably more.