Subject Re: [IB-Java] Re: getXXX(colname) doesn't work with calculated columns and aliases
Author Dietrich Schulten

David Jencks <davidjencks@...> schrieb:

> Since I'm working on a ic replacement I'm reluctant to devote much time
> ic.

Actually I was hoping your driver might allow findColumn() and getXXX()
for aliases ;-)
Trouble with ic is, if you need names, you're stuck.

I re-thought the situation with gui components and I think you do need
"textual column identifiers", aka unique names for them.
If you based a gui component on a column's ordinal number and added a
column to the base query, you would be quite likely that your whole form
gets mixed up.
Such gui oriented applications must use unique names and the only one who
can provide unique names is the user, by using aliases.
Since ic can't find aliases, typical gui applications are out of luck.

Do you think you could implement findColumn() and getXXX(colname) such
that it works with aliases?